The Metrology Companion - the new SI e-book on concepts and computations in measurements

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This e-book has been published in the PDF. The book has extensive internal links, it is searchable and printable. Click here for preview.

The book is intended for people dealing with measurements. It consists of about minimal and sufficient set of concepts and methods required to compute a measurement result and its mandatory standard measurement uncertainty. It includes a large number of worked examples.

The book starts with the metrology basics in accordance with the new SI (2019 year) and the "International vocabulary of metrology" (VIM).

The second part of the book fully explains statistical analysis of measurement results and computation of the standard measurement uncertainty. This part is according to the "Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement" (GUM).

The price of the book is 58.00 € per user. The user is entitled to unlimited personal use of the book.

Buying this practical reference is fast and simple:
    ● send 58.00 € to "" via PayPal
    ● at the PayPal add the note "Send the Companion to <email>".
The book will be sent to the specified email, normally on the same day

You can purchase the book also in other usual ways. For details contact us at

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